Product Design & UX/UI

We help organizations solve their design challenges by creating the unique User Experience values and Product Design of a Mobile and Web App.

  • Product Design Workshop

    Online or stationary meetings and technological research. The main goal is to help you discover and validate the full potential of the digital product and your idea.

  • Wireframing & Prototyping

    We prepare High Quality sketches of Mobile or Web Applications. Fully clickable and interactive prototypes helps understand business and users' goals.

  • Product Design

    At the end is to wrap up developed ideas and concepts into an amazing and user-friendly design.

  • User Testing & Analytics

    Data driven digital product increase possibility of success on your market. Thanks to innovative technologies and metrics we provide best experiences based on real data.

First Step:
and Define

Our goal is to maximize understaing of your ides, expand and organize them into fully understable documentation and the vision for all stakeholders. This allows us to create a very detailed estimation and selection of the appropriate technology.

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Tools we use

We approach each project individually by adapting selected tools to it. Model helps us to deliver products that are in line with the design assumptions and meet the business goals.
  • Briefing

    Each project starts with a short briefing. After a free consultation, we make a decision on the next steps. Contact us to start.

  • Personas

    Personas helps to bring all stakeholders to the same project point of view and user needs.

  • Competitive Analysis

    Competition research on the basis of data from the briefing. We prepare a competition analysis matrix, thanks to which we quickly find ourselves in a specific industry.

  • Value Proposition

    If the project requires a deeper specification of the business aspects, we use Value Proposition or Business Model Canvas for this purpose.

  • User Story Maping

    User Stories is a method of describing the requirements for software development. Based on that tool we're preparing precised priced hourly estimation.

  • Prioritisation and Roadmap

    On the last step based on data, we prepare a detailed product roadmap with deadlines and sprints goals.

Second Step:
Design and Prototyping

"A designer knows he has achieved perfection not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away." -Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

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Tools we use

  • User Flows

    Usually we prepare the whole map of your mobile or web app to prevent all the potential blank spaces of the user flows.

  • Wireframing

    After the user flow drawing we can start draw your product more precisely, to help you, your team and our development team better understand the whole project.

  • Lo-Fi or Hi-Fi Prototypes

    If is needed based on wireframes we preparing fully interactive and clicable prototypes of your mobile or web app. We use Figma and Axure to depply engage all stakeholders into beginning process of your amazing product development. That helps to provide better experiences for you and your users.

  • Product Design

    The next step is to prepare a distinctive and beautiful Product Design that will emphasize the already perfected aspects of the user experience. We provide whole process from icons, colors, typography, logos etc. Check our portfolio.

  • Design Systems

    Any large project should be consistent to allow it to expand. We create, support and develop Design System, thanks to which you will save on the development of new functionalities and keep all systems consistent.

  • A.I. Predictions

    Having a design, we can prepare heatmaps based on A.I. algorithms. Predictions are accurate in about 90%, which gives us the advantage of predicting the effectiveness of design at an early stage.

Third Step:

After completing the research and wireframing from the previous stage, we deliver designs. Deliverables are fully hand off prepared designs in Zeplin or Figma and also source files.If the scope of the project includes Development, at this stage we plan sprints and deliver Mobile App or Web App.

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Tools & Deliverables

  • Designs Hand Off on Zeplin

    We delivery fully useable designs for developers on Zeplin, Figma or Avocode.

  • Clicable High Fidelity Prototype

    While project include prototype we provide link to clickable design based on Figma or Axure.

  • Design Systems

    We provide design systems based on Sketch Library for Figma Design System.

  • Release Product

    We also offer Mobile App and Web Development. We support the entire process from project initiation to the release of the application on the store.

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