Web Development

We are a team of over 10 years of experience in providing solutions for Web. We create Web Applications, implement CMS-based services and custom solutions.

  • UX / UI design

    Based on yours or Product Workshop data we delivery the entire Design for your Web Application or Service. Learn More about Product Design.

  • Planning

    If you already have a concept and a ready design, we plan the entire development process together.

  • Development

    Based on the project framework we manage the entire implementation - we work in 2-week sprints, delivering your amazing solution in parts.

First Step:
the Business Goals

Based on the brief or documentation, we provide an approximate project estimate. If the Business Owner does not have a specific vision and scope of the project, we suggest choosing Product Workshops to Clarify the Vison and the Project Scope.

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Second Step:
Planning and Time Framing

Understanding your business goals and having a specific scope of the project, we can plan it in time. We create detailed roadmaps, thanks to which we provide technologies to achieve goals.

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Tools we use

  • User Stories

    Based on the provided materials, if possible, we create an estimate based on User Stories.

  • MoSCoW Prioritisation

    Based on the Roadmap and User Stories, we create Product Scope based on MoSCoW Prioritisation

  • Roadmaps

    The roadmap is a visual interpretation of the project vision that we will strive to achieve during development.

  • Jira Software Management

    You get access to the workspace where the other team members are. Together, we plan the priorities for the next sprint every 2 weeks.

Third Step:

Having developed designs, documentation and acceptance of all formalities, we start work. We deliver the product in 2-week sprints and present the results on Demo Online on Zoom or Google Meets.Depending on the size and type of the project, we engage appropriate people who are specialists in specific areas, e.g. Full Stack Developer / Backend Developer / Wordpress Developer / Flutter Developer / UX / UI Designer etc.

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